Did you know that 70% of health decisions are based on lab results? To get lab work done, the law requires a licensed physician to write the script for the individual to be tested.

Presently, a person would need to physically visit their doctor’s office to obtain a written script – to then go to the lab to get tested and then wait for results to be released to their physician – to then go back to their doctor’s office for a follow-up appointment to have their results explained to them. How time consuming! (Not to mention the money spent on gas and insurance co-pays).

There has to be an easier way. With all the mHealth apps and health trackers available today, surely a solution exists that is simple, quick and cost-effective. Enter Lab Testing API.

We’ve created an API with our end-user in mind, maintaining the easy-to-use theme of today’s health apps and trackers to encourage healthy lifestyle decisions. Our API gives the individual the power to get a lab order from any health website or mHealth app that is integrated with our API. They visit a lab and get tested and when the results are ready they get released through the API and into the website or mHealth app. Under these circumstances, the real numbers can be utilized to help the individual understand their health risks and where they are on their health journey.

Power your app today with Lab Testing API and use real numbers to add value to your business.

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